Cleargenix : Get Rid Of Acne And The Ugly Scars Naturally

Summary: Cleargenix is a smart composition of natural ingredients that help relieve the painful and prominent acne on the skin. It thus renders you with a clearer and healthy looking skin that boosts your confidence and beauty significantly.

The worst problem in any woman’s life is to deal with the protruding acne on the face. Moreover, that acne chooses the worst of days to pop out. While the oily skin is more prone to acne breakouts, dry and other skin types are no exclusion and can witness redness and acne signs. Although a range of cosmetics claim to prevent acne issues but not without leaving you with side-effects. Hence, treat your skin with the best natural remedy to have a long-lasting acne-free and clear skin.


  • Unhealthy diet

  • Genetics

  • Poor digestive functions

  • High stress and anxiety issues

  • Exposure to environmental pollution and UV rays

Acne Signs

  • Red or irritated skin

  • Small Bumps

  • Open Pores

  • Painful lumps underneath the skin

What Is Cleargenix?

Cleargenix is a wisely-composed formula the is used topically on the skin and helps relieve active acne on the skin. It also restricts the future breakouts of acne and fades away the scars left behind after the acne dries out. It gets absorbed deeper into the skin and exfoliates the skin profoundly clearing the toxins and dirt particles clogging the pores and leading to acne breakouts.

Ingredients Used In Cleargenix

Benzoyl Peroxide: It fights the acne-inducing bacteria from the inside of the skin and thus prevents the formation of acne from the root and prevents future pop-outs

Aloe Vera: This extract is quite famous for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that soothes redness and irritated skin and treats acne effectively.

Green Leaf Tea Extract: It restricts the growth of sebum, soothes inflammation, and strengthens the dermal layer of the skin to inhibit acne growth.

Sage Leaf Extract: It purifies your skin in and out to lower acne growth and reduces facial blemishes. It also raises the hydration level of the skin, fills up the cracks, and reducing the peeling of the skin.

How To Apply Cleargenix?

Its regime is a simple 3-step process that is very easy to follow on a day-to-day basis.

Step 1. Firstly, wash your face up properly with any cleanser or your choice.

Step 2. Take the needful quantity of Cleargenix and apply it evenly on your skin.

Step 3. Massage for a few minutes to facilitate deeper absorption.

#To get complete results, follow the steps twice a day and be regular for at least two months.

Advantages Of Cleargenix

  • Kills acne-producing bacteria and fungus

  • Clears blackhead and tightens up the open pores

  • Nourishes and hydrates your skin profoundly

  • Cleargenix Prevents the further acne breakouts and strengthens the skin

  • Fades away the acne scars and improves skin tone

Additional Tips To Boost Results

  • Follow a healthy diet including antioxidant-rich foods

  • Use a dermatologist-recommended cleanser as per your skin type

  • Have 8 glass of water every day

  • Cover your skin while stepping out

Things To Remember

  • Ensure the product is properly sealed

  • If you are unsure, go for a patch test before using on the face

  • Not a medical treatment for any skin disease or wound

  • Suitable for both men and women

How To Buy Cleargenix?

Cleargenix is an Internet-exclusive product available on the official website of the brand. Tap the icon below to get connected with the concerned site and complete the booking formalities to get your package delivered to you.

Contact Details

If you want more information, reach out to the customer support team at:

Email address: [email protected]

Toll-free number: 144-454- 1414