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Soleil Glo: Best Teeth Whitening Kit In South Africa

Soleil GloSoleil Glo :- Has it ever happened to you that you were just scrolling down photos of you partying with your friends last night and suddenly you stopped at your photo because your yellow teeth were looking very prominent? It had happened to me a few months back and I was kind of shocked back then to know when and how did it happen.

Since it doesn’t happen right away, it is easy to overlook yellowing happening on our teeth. The processed food we eat almost daily and aerated drinks all affect the health of our teeth beyond our imagination and gradually we see that our teeth start to get stained which starts to give the yellowish tint to our teeth.

I had used white strips and a whitening toothpaste that claimed to give me the instant results. It is true that the results they gave were instant but it wasn’t long lasting. I didn’t want to spend money on something which gives instant result and then when I brush my teeth again all can I see is my yellow teeth. When it seemed like I have lost my pearly white teeth I used to have then I got to know about Soleil Glo. First I didn’t agree to use this as I didn’t want to face another disappointment but then I saw results on my friend and I thought I should try this once.

It is been six weeks and I can say for sure that the results I have gotten with this are far better than I had expected. My teeth are not stained anymore.

Read my unbiased review to know more about this.

Soleil Glo Buy Now

Give me a quick rundown of what Soleil Glo is all about?

We all want to have brighter and whiter looking teeth but alas, the natural shine and color of our teeth start to lose as we age. It is not just the age which contributes to give us yellow looking teeth sometimes the external factors like consumption of certain beverages and food also cause to discolor our teeth as these products tend to settle on our enamel and forms layer which when not brushed for the longer period of time turns to yellow our teeth.

We all know how a single session to the dentist costs us yet we use to visit because we want to have sparkling white teeth so that our stained teeth doesn’t stop us from laughing hard. To give you the white looking teeth as per the comfort at your home Soleil Glo is created.

Basically, it is an advanced and reliable teeth whitening kit having portable size that can be taken anywhere easily. It includes three products which when altogether is used then it supports your dental health and helps to do away stains or debris from our teeth which further helps to enhance the color of our teeth. Now with the advancement of technology, it is possible to remove your yellow stains at the comfort of your home.

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What includes in this kit and how does it work to give us stain free teeth?

From the above paragraph, you must have got to know that this kit has three products. Continue to read my review to see what are its product and what role do they play in helping you to flaunt the dazzling white smile.

The first product in Soleil Glo kit is teeth tray. This molding tray comes in the form of our teeth which easily gets adjusted into the shape of our mouth. It is made of art silicone duplex which makes this tray very flexible and soft to get adjusted in our mouth. This will ensure that the both upper and lower teeth are getting benefited at the same time. If we get side by its perfectly designed, you will see how perfectly it comes off from our mouth.

The second product is Extreme whitening gel. This is the gel which does most of the work. Its formulation is strong enough to reach to its deepest layer that is below your enamel surface. This factor helps to lift out debris stuffed between our teeth and at the same time helps to do away the stained layer to help you confidently reveal your beautiful white smile.

The final and last product is UV accelerator. It works on the basis of flashing LED light to your teeth which help the gel to penetrate easily and at the same time also work towards lightening your teeth. It is very effective in giving you the long term whitening results.

Tell me how should I use this kit in a correct manner?

Below you will get to know how easily you can incorporate Soleil Glo in your daily regimen.

The foremost thing you need to make sure is to brush and floss your teeth so that any stuffed debris can lift out from between your teeth so that the products in this kit can easily do its function.

After this put the required gel on the tray and place it on your teeth. Adjust them according to the shape of your mouth by clamping down your teeth. In this kit, you will get three tubes of this gel. Keep this kit for minimum 20 minutes.

Take them out after the recommended time and take out the UV accelerator. Fit it in your mouth in such a direction that light should go against the direction. Clamp your teeth again for 15 minutes.

# That’s it. With the above steps, keep remember one thing that you should add gel in the try as per requirement. More than recommended amount won’t do any good for you rather it may harm you.

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Real people real opinion

Noah, 34 shares “Thanks to Soleil Glo for helping me to save money I was spending on the dentist all the time. Because of this, I got the white looking teeth that too at the comfort of my home.”

Maria, 35 saysIt was very embarrassing to laugh fully because all the time I used to think what if someone points to my stained teeth. Due to this, I used to keep my hand on my face while laughing. Thanks to Soleil Glo for removing the yellow stains from my teeth. Now I can laugh fully without embarrassment.”

From where to buy Soleil Glo?

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Soleil Glo Buy Now

What can I do on my own to protect my teeth from getting discolored along with using this teeth whitening system?

There certainly are ways to keep your pearly white teeth for long and stained teeth to look white again. You should know sometimes aging is also the culprit behind your teeth getting yellowing. Here are the ways to prevent your teeth from getting discolored

Stop smoking and start paying attention to your oral hygiene like brushing twice in a day. Make sure you brush and floss after each meal to prevent the buildup of plaque in your mouth. Doing these little steps will ensure that your teeth won’t get discolored.

Is this kit really effective?

Yes, it is and there are many reasons for saying that. The first one is it helps to whiten our teeth without damaging the oral tissue like other products do over time rather Soleil Glo helps to protect our soft tissue. Another best part about this you can use this anywhere that saves the time and money we all were spending on the dentists to lighten the shade of our teeth.

Is it really safe to use?

Yes, you can be assured that it won’t risk the strength of our enamel so Soleil Glo is absolutely safe to consume as it only allows oxygen to reach to the enamel.

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