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Telemdcentral :- Last summer while on a holiday trip, I started feeling some sort of disturbance in my health. The nauseous feeling with the chronic pain in the chest was causing trouble, acting as a deterrent to help me enjoy the trip with my family. And you know how it feels when this sudden change in your health makes people in and around you worried, specially when you don’t have any specialist around the corner. But all thanks to Telemdcentral, an online medical consultancy wherein I booked an appointment with a renowned expect to seek his consultation online. Seeking the advice of the health expert helped me enjoy my holidays without any further deterioration in the health. Read my happiness with its review below.

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It is an online health consultancy service. which is made available in more than 50 states. Run by prominent health experts and specialists, it assists in giving consultation to the customers anywhere any time. With the advancement in the technology, the medical industry too decided to step inside the virtual world to endow the patients urgent treatment at their doorstep. The team of certified and licensed doctors of Telemdcentral are highly qualified and at your service at any time of the day. It endeavours to purge all the territorial barriers between the patient and the expert around every nook and corner of the world. Their vast knowledge in the field of medical provides you the best care and facility at your doorstep without making you feel rushed or worried. A slightly different, this online medical consultancy is an advanced concept. The patient centric approach of this health consultancy ensures appropriate treatment to its patients with best health care facility.

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Why Opt for Telemdcentral?

In this world, it is impossible for a person to reach out to the experts in the different country for a particular ailment. Therefore, with the advancing science, Telemdcentral took birth with the help of the acclaimed health experts. Their newly advanced techniques and specialized knowledge and skills helps in providing the best care for immediate relief from the specific ailment. This cuts the cost of travelling expenses, time, saves you from paperwork and other costs. It gives you the best treatment with its highly skilled specialists. Available at your comfort zone and at nominal price, it transcends all the territorial barriers to cure your illness at nominal price. In tune with the changing in the medical practice, it offers you the best health care facility in respect to modern day customer’s expectations.

What else? You can avail professional medical consultation on demand through your phone. Its easy to access facility is making rounds in the market these days, where you can seek their advise 24/7. Their hard efforts help you avail the treatment, whether you are on a family vacation or on a business trip. So, do think of giving it a try to keep yourself in the best health.

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Will Telemdcentral Misuse Confidential Health Data?

The team of Telemdcentral uses your data to give you the best health care facility. It keeps your data safe in the separate dedicated servers. Thus, the team takes pride in keeping your information regarding the health and the treatment safe, secure and confidential. The site is encrypted with the modules that lock your data. So, in any case, it won’t be leaking the information discussed with them to any third party without your consent. However, if there is any need in case, which rarely happens, then they will first seek your permission. Hence, you don’t have to keep yourself worried about the leakage of the confidential data with the team of Telemdcentral.

How to Stay Healthy?

Apart from seeking online advice and remedy from the experts, you need to take care of your health too. Maintaining good health keeps your worries, troubling pain and even doctor away. As an old saying goes ‘Health is Wealth’, so take care of the health while following few steps listed below

  • Eat fresh and healthy food

This is the foremost important thing that should be taken care of. Eating right food in right quantity, not only makes you feel better, but also provides energy to your body. It endows your body with essential nutrients like vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, fat and fibre. Hence, you should eat a nutrient rich diet consisting of all these nutrients. Apart from it, avoid consuming processed food due to low nutritional value, which makes you feel tired and lazy all day long.

  • Sound sleep

Taking a good sleep calms down the nerves of the body in order to keep your body fit and fine. The amount of sleep differs from person to person. It rejuvenates the whole body, healing and repairing the damaged blood vessels. This process supports the growth and development of the body so that it can function properly. Hence, you need to get some 7-8 hours sleep every day to feel the effect of its positive impact, making you more active as well as productive.

  • Routine exercise

Regular exercise helps in keeping the individual fit and fine. It strengthens your bones and muscles, controls your weight from fluctuating, balances mood and enhances overall physical as well as mental health. It adds on years to your life by improving your health and fitness levels. Long walks in the morning, hard work in the gym and yoga are considered best to keep yourself away from the damaging factors that may lead to the deterioration in the health.

  • Drink lots of water

Drinking lots of water is not only essential for the survival but also for the health of your body. An important nutrient, water makes up 60-70 percent of your body. It works to regulate the functioning of the cells present in the body. This improves the blood supply, lubricates body’s organs and joints and also helps in normalizing the blood pressure level. Further, it protects your body from dehydration with the delivery of the nutrients in the body.

  • Manage stress

Stress is a part of daily life which reflects directly on your body. It deters the body from proper functioning by causing an obstruction. Stress makes you lose your temper easily without any cause, which is actually cannot be avoided. But yes, it can be controlled by following some strategies like meditation, yoga or participation in the stress reduction programs.

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How Telemdcentral Works?

Telemdcentral works in three simple steps to provide its customer the best care, according to the needs and sufferings. You just need to follow the steps and get yourself treated with its experts in the field of medicines and health.

  • Step 1 – Call the toll free number of Telemdcentral, which is available for 24/7 so that you can dial at any time of the day
  • Step 2 – Speak to the health care professional. They help in evaluating the conditions that your body is witnessing to direct you to an appropriate physician
  • Step 3 – The health care professional will book an appointment with the doctor at your own convenience. Speak to him regarding the problems that your body is going through. They will try hard to set you back on the tracks by treating your illness and ailments swiftly.

Benefits Provided by Telemdcentral

  • Access to the doctors while travelling
  • Immediate medical attention
  • Access to the US based nurses through 24/7 hotline number
  • Guaranteed medical treatment for uninsured
  • No denials or applications
  • No age bar or restrictions

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Online Consultation Versus Doctor’s Visit

Earlier, paying a visit to your doctor’s clinic required a lot of time and money, which in this fast moving world is not possible. You first need to book an appointment, stand in the long queues for hours, then get yourself consulted by paying a hefty amount of the fees. No, this process does not stop here. Further you need to purchase the medicines, drop in the clinic once again to get the medicines checked with the specialist. In case, if he asks you to do some blood test, CT Scan, X-Ray or any test done, the same process gets repeated again and again. Hence, making it quite costly and time consuming while you keep juggling to one door to the another.

However, if you opt for online medical consultation, I must say that you won’t only save your precious time, but money too. Clinical studies and research studies too show that seeking an online consultation with a doctor through video calling is very effective indeed to cure the flu, acne, sinus or urinary tract infections. It offers time convenient and affordable treatment, which saves a lot of time. Plus, you can avail online medical treatment at any time of the day, without waiting in the long lines. Such that you can access 24/7 consultation from your physician, meaning at any time of the day.

Drawbacks of Online Medical Consultancy

It has a share of disadvantages which are as follows

  • The online consultation is of no use during the time of emergency, like burns, accidents, wounds or cuts.
  • The patients are left with very few options to evaluate the quality of health care practitioners

My Personal Experience

After trying Telemdcentral facility while on a family vacation, to be true, I stopped paying physical visits to the hospitals and the dispensaries. Their convenient and on the demand service facility helps me and my family to get the best cure and remedy to keep ourselves healthy. The qualified health experts with specialized degrees assist in getting the appropriate treatment without any waste of money or time. A newly advanced concept to keep oneself fit and fine, I would suggest you to give a try to this online medical consultancy and watch the difference with your own eyes.

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